Why Meal Feeding is Mandatory

Of course, the easiest thing to do is to grab a punch bowl, and drop 14 pound of kibble in it, and call it a day week. But that harms you and your cat in many ways. Here are the benefits of scheduled and weighed meal feeding.


It’s a great time to be near your cat, let them know they rely on you for food. Cats love routine, it garners trust and a feeling of security.

Catch Illness Faster

You can tell a lot by his appetite. You’ll see the kibble left in the bowl and know something is up and requires your attention. If a cat won’t eat for 24 hours, call your vet immediately. A routine feeding schedule also means a pretty regular poop schedule, which is another great way to check his health.

Avoid Obesity

Cats develop diabetes just like people. It creates a host of complications, as well as early death, often suddenly. Meal feeding with portion control prevents this, and playing with your cat daily helps also. If you have an overweight cat, please see this page for help.

Easier to Medicate

Cats are far more compliant when hungry, and if you free feed them, they may be full and puke up the medicine. Best to have your vet explain the optimum time to medicate and feed.

Get in Some Brushing

My cat used to smack my hand or bite the brush. But now that we get in some grooming while she eats, it’s far better. Did you know that cats can overgroom, and undigested fur balls can require surgery?

Avoid Domination

Some cats my hog the “lion’s share” of the food when it’s put out. Meal feeding multiple cats at the same time, avoids this problem. If one cat gobbles, and still runs to the other cats dish, simply put her in a room by herself until the other cats are finished.

Now that you’re thoroughly convinced to meal feed, click here to learn what kind, how much and when to feed – even multiple cats!