Mr. Moustache

A strong, hearty boy, who enjoys getting pets, then a quick dash to food for a few bites, then back to pets. We saved him from being stuck in a storm drain, but we never would have found him if it weren’t for us hearing SilverPuff’s cries.

He was lovey immediately, with the headbutting and loud purring. What a sweet boy! We posted in all the places for “Found” cat, as we do with all cats. When no one claimed him, we took him to the clinic to get fixed. We told the staff at the clinic that we were fostering him, but that he was up for adoption. To my surprise, when we came to pick him up, they had made him “Cat of the Day” and posted his photo on their facebook page as adoptable, and someone came forward. But wait…. there’s more awesomeness to this story! See below.

The very nice (and beautiful) woman who adopted Mr. M, had a female cat at home that looked a lot like him. It was such a cute pairing! Like it was meant to be. His new mom sent me photos and videos. Here’s Sunday, Mr. Moustaches perfect mate! Can you stand it???

Here’s Sunday peering over the bed to check out Mr. M on his first day in his new home. Most cats find their way to a closet on their first few days. Usually within 3 days they come out to explore, and become more and more comfortable with their surroundings.

How absolutely cute is Sunday, standing there checking him out?

Here’s the happy couple. Such a perfect pair!  It warms my heart to see these two together!