Mittens is a sweet female who loves to cuddle and purr and will fall asleep on your neck/shoulder. We found her outside with no other siblings. We estimate her birthday was around Thanksgiving 2023. She’s going to be a medium or even long-haired cat, so plan on brushing her weekly to avoid furballs. She eats Iam’s kitten kibble, and is fully litterbox trained. Food and toys are provided with the adoption fee. You must supply your own cat carrier.

We are looking for loving, attentive cat parents who will keep her warm and safe. Her new family should be experienced cat owners, and prepared for the large amount of time and attention that kittens require. The best fit for her will be someone who works from home, or is retired or a homemaker with a fully “catified” home. If you already have pets in the home, cats/kittens must be previously tested (with negative results) for FELV and FIV, and vaccinations up to date. If you have dogs, you must ensure they are not aggressive with other animals. Some dogs don’t bother with full grown cats, but see kittens as a play thing, or a snack, sometimes with tragic results.

We recommend keeping her in one room in the house to start, away from your entry door, as she may try to run outside. It is part of the agreement that she wear a collar with bells and a name tag, for reasons outlined in the contract. Kittens like to silently explore their new world and can get into spaces you wouldn’t think they can fit, and get stuck, so you must watch her carefully.

By the time she’s up for adoption, she will have been vaccinated and tested for diseases. She will require her spay surgery at around 5-6 months of age (April/May 2024). If you are interested in her or any other cats available at, please begin the application process. Note that even if you are not chosen to parent this particular kitten, we will keep your application on file for future adoptions.