Meal Plans for adult cats

Cats should be kept on a regular feeding schedule, with the same, healthy food at the same time daily. This information applies to adult cats only. We recommend you check with your vet if you have an under or overweight cat. It’s important that your cat get the right food, in the right amount and at the right time. Never allow a cat to go without eating over 10 hours.

Click here for kitten feeding information.

Go to this link and input the following:

  1. Click Feline
  2. Input your cat’s current weight
  3. Determine their BCS from the chart below (Body condition score) 4 to 5 /9 is ideal, if above or below, the calories will adjust automatically.
  4. Select cat’s criteria – Usually neutered adult. If kitten, please consult your vet in addition to this calculator.
  5. Read the label on your cat food, enter the amount of calories per cup or can. Note that sometimes they list calories per KG, and then the calories per cup, it can be confusing.
The ideal score (on the 9 point scale) is 4 – 5. Click here for more information on how to determine BCS. Please read this, it’s important.