Lily & Jenny

These two sisters were from a litter of five, that we found in our ductwork at work on May 17th, 2018. Lily had wandered away from the litter and fell down into the wall, and was stuck. Her ability to cry very loudly was how she got herself rescued.  Our shop is next to a bar & grill. We realized that we had to go next door to locate the source of the crying. One of the bar patrons came to help. Grabbed tools out of his truck and opened up the wall for us. 

I fell in love instantly. I raced to PetSmart to get kitten formula and other goodies for her. 

I had 2 cats at home already. I kept telling myself I would nurse them to health and adopt them all out. I even took Lily to the vet, who said her daughter may want to adopt her. She spent the night with the vet tech and I went home and couldn’t get her out of my mind. I could hardly sleep. I went back to the vet the next day, forcing myself to be rational, logical and think of what’s best for this kitten, ready to be brave and give her this loving home with a vet. I mean, can it get any better for the health of an animal than to be with a vet? As it turns out, the vet, after having spoken with her daughter, said she wasn’t ready for a kitten that young, made her apologies, and I took that kitten home.

A day later, we started hearing more kitten cries, and realized she hadn’t wandered far away from her litter, the rest of the litter was about 10 feet away the entire time!

Here we are, digging in the ductwork. The first hole wasn’t close enough. My landlord isn’t going to like these holes. Hope we can patch them up to match the surrounding texture! lol. It was worth it tho.

Here’s the whole adorable litter.
From top left:  Muffin, Horchata, Jenny, Lilly, Butterscotch. They were kept with the fully feral mom for a few weeks, so she could nurse them. We fed the mom, and kept the box clean. When the mom slowed down on coming around and the kittens were eating solid food on their own, they were ready for adoption.
Muffin was adopted by another person at my shop. Horchata & butterscotch, the only 2 boys, were adopted by a very kind woman referred to me by a vet tech at my vets office. And I had already decided to keep Lily.  That just left Jenny, the solid grey one, so we kept her for a while and it was nice to keep Lily company until I could adopt her out. (Yeah, right!)

This is Noni, the mom. It was very hard to get a pic of her, as she was always dashing away.  After she was done nursing the babies, we waited 2 weeks, then trapped her, had her fixed and released her. We fed her for a long time, but she began peeing on our inventory, so we had to block her way into the shop. We still put food outside for her to this day.