Kitten Feeding Schedule

Newborns – when possible, leave kittens with the Mom cat and support the Mama cat. Feed her, keep litter clean and give her a cozy box in the corner with security, clean blankets, and visibility for her to see out. If there is no mother present, newborns need to be bottle fed every 2 hours. …

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Meal Plans for adult cats

Cats should be kept on a regular feeding schedule, with the same, healthy food at the same time daily. This information applies to adult cats only. We recommend you check with your vet if you have an under or overweight cat. It’s important that your cat get the right food, in the right amount and …

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Best Cat Supplies

Kibble (dry food)Canned foodTreatsLitterboxLitterScoopScratchersBed/MattsGrooming Tools ToothpasteToysToysCollarTagCarrier Kitten Kibble Kitten Canned Food. Adult Cat Kibble – Iams. Best nutritional bang for the buck. We prefer to get chicken or turkey over fish. Some cats are actually allergic to fish. Adult Canned Food Senior Cat Kibble

Catify your house

When choosing to become a pet owner, it isn’t as simple as going shopping, picking out the cutest one and taking them home. Houses must be made pet ready, or it could result in extra expenses, or a tragedy, or both. Here are some typical things found in homes that we would normally think nothing …

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What’s Toxic To Cats

A few things you may not have known are toxic to cats. If you suspect your cat has ingested any of these, take her to the emergency pet hospital immediately. HUMAN FOOD Garlic, Onions, Chives. Garlic is in a LOT of sauces and premade foods. Read ingredients before letting them eat or even lick a …

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Litterbox 101

Since our kitties don’t sit on the toilet and flush their dirty business away, we supply them with their kind of toilet. But make no mistake, many of the things we do to make their potty experience great for them, actually sucks for them. Here are the main highlights: Hoods. Cats like to see predators …

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Mr. Moustache

A strong, hearty boy, who enjoys getting pets, then a quick dash to food for a few bites, then back to pets. We saved him from being stuck in a storm drain, but we never would have found him if it weren’t for us hearing SilverPuff’s cries. He was lovey immediately, with the headbutting and …

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