Adoption Process

The adoption process from Corbett Cats is comprehensive. Caring people entrust our rescue because of the rigorous process we go through to sufficiently vet prospective pet parents. If you are here to adopt a pet, please note it will take some time. Here are the steps:

  1. Please Read the following articles in the Pet EDU section: Catify your home, Litter 101, and What’s toxic to cats
  2. Complete the Pre-Qualification form.
  3. You may be contacted to set a time for a live voice call.
  4. If chosen as a potential Adopter/Parent, we will set a time for an in-person visit, where you will interact with the pet.
  5. If we both agree you’re a great fit, we’ll have you complete the adoption agreement, and we’ll complete or set a date to complete the process.
  6. Bring a carrier with comfortable interior. Pets are not released to anyone without a carrier.
  7. See below for an explanation of rehoming fees.

All cats come with:

  1. Litter training
  2. Human social skills
  3. Cat social skills. (when we have multiple cats for adoption, sometimes it’s just one, so we’ll teach you how to integrate with existing cats.)
  4. Vaccines (age appropriate, boosters may be required for cats under 1 year)
  5. Spay or neuter (in most cases) If not, you must agree to have them “fixed” at the appropriate age.
  6. Microchip or instructions on how to get one.
  7. Some food to help transition to your new food
  8. Possibly their favorite toys and bedding.

Rehoming Fees:

The rehoming fee is $50 for a single or $80 for a pair of kittens.
The actual costs of spay/neuter, vaccines, medicines, vet visits, microchip, feeding, nurturing, cleaning, training, etc is typically between $200 – $1200. The rehoming fee goes toward food and supplies for the next fosters. Corbett Cats does not make a profit from rehoming fees.